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3D Printed Models from

The following CAD models have been made available as 3D prints from

Shapeways usually turn around a 3D print in ten working days. The model will require some light sanding to obtain a smooth finish for painting. A short article on finishing a 3D print can be found here

Please note that Shapeways uses Euros for its transactions. Approximate prices in GBP are below. Shipping is approximately £7 per order.

Ivatt, GNR/LNER C12 4-4-2 body 

Approximate price: £20

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N Gauge locomotive body shell representing an Ivatt GNR/LNER C12 tank engine. The recommended chassis is the Dapol 14xx 0-4-2. This chassis will need the outside frames removing, the rear shortened to the motor (removing the coils), 5mm removing from the front of the chassis weight. A Farish bogie (Jubilee or similar) needs to be pinned to the body to create the correct 4-4-2 wheel arrangement.

LNER Dia 120 Brake Van (Pigeon Van)

Approximate price: £29.60

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Following the success of the resin kit and subsequent demand the 'Pigeon Van' has been made available as a 3D print from Shapeways. This print incorporates many of the separate parts that made up the chassis as a single piece. Wheels, bearings, NEM couplings and paint required to finish. Please note that the picture is of the original casting master and buffers are included on the print.

Fowler LMS Patriot (Original Condition - Loco only)

Approximate price: £23 

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N Gauge locomotive body shell for a Fowler LMS Patriot locomotive. This model is designed to fit a Graham Farish Jubilee chassis which will need the top of the chassis weight filing flush. The Stanier tender supplied with the Farish Jubilee was fitted to several members of the class prior to their rebuilding. For anyone wishing to model the Fowler tender, a Union Mills Models tender drive is suggested (as per the loco in picture).

Requires Farish Jubilee/Royal Scot, paint, transfers and handrails to complete.

Gresley LNER N2 Loco Body

Approximate price: £23

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N Gauge body for an LNER N2 class. This model is designed to fit onto a modified Graham Farish 3MT tank chassis. Modifications will involve removing the cylinders and valve gear as well as removing 5mm from the front end of the chassis. Some additional lead weight will be required to replace that lost from removal of the 3MT body.

Needs, 3MT chassis, handrails, vacuum pipes, paint and transfers to complete.

Gresley LNER K3/3 Loco and Tender Bodies

Approximate price: £27

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N Gauge body of the LNER standard K3 class. This is a left hand drive loco paired with a group standard flat sided tender. The body is designed to be used with a Graham Farish V2 loco and tender chassis.

For those wishing to achieve additional realism, the chassis will need to be lowered by approximately 1.5mm to allow the body to sit at the correct height.

Graham Farish B1 driving wheels can be used to better represent the 5'8 drivers of the K3 (the Farish B1 wheels scale out at 5'10!). However this will require some modification to the gear train and therefore is not recommended for those without experience in such matters.

Needs, chassis, handrails, vacuum pipes, paint and transfers to complete.

Thompson LNER L1 Body 

Approximate price: £25

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Bodyshell for an early Thompson L1 2-6-4 locomotive (not including the prototype 9000). This model has not been designed to fit a commercially available chassis. However, an enterprising modeller would be able to scratchbuilt or convert an existing chassis. It has been suggested that a Fleischmann 4-6-4 tank engine or the forthcoming Graham Farish Ivatt 2-6-0 could prove useful starting points for this model.

In addition to a suitable chassis this model will require handrails, vacuum pipes, paint and transfers to complete.

Painting by Richard Dockerill. The pictures are courtesy of Marc Starmann. The chassis was scratch built by his brother Hans Starmann, both of N-Stars in Holland. Both can be contacted here for commission work.

LNER Bogie Brick Wagon

Approximate Price: £18

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Kit representing one of the LNER built examples of the bogie brick wagon. The bogies are printing with non-working NEM pockets. For those wishing to have working uncoupling using Rapido couplings may wish to use Dapol's new NEM conversion kit. Anyone who is happy without remote uncoupling or wishing to use Easi-Shunt couplings a medium length coupling will work fine with the existing pocket.

Model requires couplings, Graham Farish three hole wagon wheels, paint and transfers to complete.

Due to space restrictions it is not possible to fit bearings to the bogies of this model. For those concerned about running qualities the test model illustrated above has been subjected to many hours running without problem. 

LNER Group Standard Flush Sided Tender 

Approximate Price: £12.50

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Replacement tender body for V2 tender chassis representing an earlier version of the Group Standard Tender commonly used with the V2.

Requires, handrails, paint and transfers to complete. 

Resin Kits 

Temporarily Out of Production

N Gauge LNER dia.120 Four Wheel Full Brake (Pigeon Van)

pigeon van assembledpigeon van test build image 1







The LNER built these vehicles from 1928 for general parcels traffic. The initial batches were allocated to the Great Eastern section of the LNER, however additional vehicles were built after 1930 in a similar style using redundant GNR timber frames for general use around the system. Some of the Great Eastern stock was fitted out with racks for the conveyance of racing pigeons giving these vans the nickname 'Pigeon Vans', however evidence indicates that the majority of stock was not fitted in this manner.

Some of the vans survived until the 1960's and at least one is preserved on the North Norfolk Railway. 

A small number of these kits were made available at the Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace in March 2012. A batch will be released for general sale shortly, please join our mailing list for the latest news and information.